Construction is set to begin in January on the latest section of Brooklyn Bridge Park that will be both family and eco-friendly! A 400-foot long pedestrian bridge, three new playing fields, and an additional picnic area will be ready in time for the summer season next year. Kelco Landscaping, best known for their work on the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial and children’s playgrounds on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Piers 1 and 6, has been awarded the contract to continue their work on the newest area.

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The pedestrian bridge will run from Squibb Park on Columbia Heights over Furman Street to the park and picnic area at Pier 5. The playing fields will accommodate just about any sport including soccer, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, football, field hockey, and softball. The pedestrian path from Squibb Park will be built using sustainable black locust timber, and it is expected to cost about $6.2 million, which is higher than the original quoted cost of $4.9 million.

Brooklyn Bridge Park President, Regina Myer also announced the possibility of a hotel and residential building appearing at Pier 1, but will have jump through a number of hoops before being seriously considered. You can see the proposals, which include an abundance of green roofs, green walls, and green space, for the development here.

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