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Horvath found two of Pale Male and his mate Zena’s three babies feeling under the weather, and immediately suspected rat poison was the cause. Many hawks dine on rats, which could have themselves ingested rat poison, passing it on from prey to diner. Should a hawk ingest rat poison, a tell-tale sign is lethargy, and the two fledglings appeared woozy and slow this weekend.

Another young bird thought to also be Pale Male’s spawn was sighted in Central Park also showing signs of fatigue, and Horvath hopes to care for it as well in the coming days. The other two fledglings are currently being treated at her clinic near the Natural History Museum.

Rat poisoning of Central Park’s red-tailed hawks is a hot button for many bird enthusiasts, rousing a petition to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation called “Stop the murder of our Red Tail Hawks in NYC.” Sympathizers can sign the petition on a link via

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Images ©Pale Male and ©Marie Winn