Uber is already one of the most convenient methods to get around NYC, but now the company is hoping to make its service more affordable with a new innovation. Last week, the transportation tech company unveiled uberPOOL, a feature that would allow people who are riding along a similar route to share a ride together, at a fraction of the price of a New York City taxi.

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How does it work? Once an Uber user enters their pick-up location and destination, uberPOOL matches each user with another rider who may be traveling along a similar route. For example, if you request a pickup at Grand Central Station and want to head up to Central Park, if another user near you happens to be going in the same direction, uberPOOL will allow you to share the same car. It may seem a bit odd to share a car with a stranger, but Uber says that it can reduce the cost of your trip by up to 50 percent.

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“uberPool will cost between 20 – 50% less than uberX for the same trip,” Uber states. “Fares are calculated based on pickup location and destination. In New York City, that means a ride from Williamsburg to the East Village would cost about $7.50, and from Nolita to Lincoln Center about $10. If unmatched, you’ll pay the normal uberX rate.”

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