Looks like support for the Lowline initiative, a plan to build NYC’s first underground park, is still going strong. The team behind the ambitious project is currently on the funding trail with a new Kickstarter campaign looking to raise some green for the development of the subterranean park’s “Lowline Lab.” According to the proposed design, the lab space is slated for research and exhibitions and will feature cool innovations like “remote skylight” solar technology and a sneak peek at the kind of landscaping we could see at the park in the future.

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According to the Lowline team, the lab, which will be located in an abandoned building just blocks from the Lowline site, will be used to “both refine and display […] ‘remote skylight’ solar technology and landscaping.” In addition to featuring a verdant multi-season underground park, the lab will also be used to house community events and cultural activities along with various free workshops.

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So far, funding for the Lowline has been quite successful with local celebrities like Spike Jonze and Lena Dunham offering their support. The project raised $150,000 towards the new space two years ago and continues to bring in new supporters. Although breaking ground on the Lowline mother project is still years away, construction on the Lowline Lab, depending on funding, is slated for completion in May of 2015.

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