After a radiation leak was detected at the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY in March, officials are finally planning to investigate the source of the problem using an underwater drone. The plan is to deploy a camera-equipped robot to seek out the source of the radioactive leak next week. The issue was first discovered when elevated levels of tritium in two monitoring wells were found and it was noticed that radioactive material was leaking out into the groundwater below the plant.

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Entergy, the owner of the Indian Point plant, theorizes the contamination leaked out from a damaged pipe or drain during the maintenance shutdown process in March. The plant owner also explained that the radioactive water should have settled on the bedrock beneath the site but that rainwater entering the soil is causing it to flow outwards.

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Elsewhere inside the plant, officials recently discovered a damp spot on the wall of the unit’s spent fuel pool. However, the chemical make-up of this spot of water is different from the samples taken from the monitoring wells. Still, federal and plant officials say the tritium-laced groundwater won’t be a public health issue.

via NBC New York

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