The City University of New York and UNICEF are launching a school-wide challenge called Design UNICEF that asks CUNY students to come up with innovative solutions to improve the health and well-being of kids around the world. The students will create designs that address issues such as malaria, newborn health, HIV and pneumonia, and the top three entrants will get a chance to travel to a developing country to test out their concepts in the field with UNICEF.

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The challenge will be open to all of CUNY’s 270,000 students in 24 schools, regardless of major or concentration. The challenge began earlier this month, and teams have until June 30, 2013 to finalize and submit their proposals. Winning teams will be chosen by a panel of judges in early September, with travel plans announced shortly thereafter.

Teams will be asked to create designs that improve the health of children across the world. UNICEF’s areas of challenge include solutions for malaria, water and sanitation, newborn health, breastfeeding, maternal nutrition, HIV, pneumonia, diarrhea, birth registration and an open “design your own” challenge. New products, new technologies, improvements to existing technologies or processes and system improving strategies are all acceptable ways to fulfill these challenges.

To learn more or to enter, click on the link below.

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