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The city street that separates Williamsburg’s McCarren Park may soon become a piece of green space itself. A new city plan hopes to transform the stretch of Union Avenue that runs between the park’s dog park and sports field into a pedestrian plaza. The proposal, which was dreamed up by the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, has been submitted to the city and awaits approval.

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©Kai Brinker

Union Avenue literally cuts McCarren Park in half. To unify the park, Open Space Alliance has submitted a grant application to turn the avenue into 34,000 square feet of greenery for pedestrians to enjoy. Without the black top, visitors might expect to see grass, planted flowers and tables and chairs to enjoy a coffee or lunch. The new plaza would also connect the existing park sections, creating a continuous experience of 2.7 acres without having to dodge the speeding cabs that frequent the intersection.

McCarren Park is heavily utilized by Willamsburg locals, and its popularity has grown since the reopening of McCarren Pool. The area’s coveted green space fills up quickly, and an extension of more idyllic fields is just what the park needs. Those who choose to drive can easily re-navigate with only a short stretch of road missing.

Although the proposal has been submitted to the Department of Transportation, the project is still under review, with no set date for any decision making.

+ Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn

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