The New York City Department of Transportation wants to give Upper Manhattan bikers a helping hand with a whole new set of bike lanes, as well as the area’s first protected bike lane this summer. The DOT recently presented new plans before the Community Board 12 transportation committee to add a parking-protected lane along a one-way, southbound street on Fort George Hill. If all goes well with the community board, the city will install a bike lane with a three-foot buffer behind parked cars, giving riders an extra bit of security along Fairview Avenue between Dyckman Street and Nagle Avenue.

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The DOT also proposed adding crosstown bike lanes to West 177th Street between Haven Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue, as well as West 180th Street between Cabrini Boulevard and Amsterdam. On Amsterdam itself, meanwhile, the DOT wants to cut the roadway from four to three lanes to add a newly painted bike lane from West 162nd Street to West 173rd Street and West 186th Street to West 190th Street.

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The plan also proposes sharrowsshared bike lanes marked with chevrons—on Amsterdam between West 173rd Street and West 186th Street and north of West 190th Street until Amsterdam becomes Fort George Avenue. The lanes would pick up again on Fort George Avenue as it curves south and stretch on until West 193rd Street. DOT officials stressed that this is just the first phase of implementation. The government body expects to reveal plans for more lanes in the fall.

via Streets Blog and DNA Info

Images © Greg Whalin and Paul Krueger