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“Collective–LOK’s proposal, entitled “Screen Play”, presents a highly flexible space utilizing a subtle interplay of surfaces and screens to allow for the diverse range of uses demanded by the activities of the Institute, from multimedia exhibitions and lectures to workshops and private meetings,” explains VAI on their website.

The project consists of a nuanced interior of five mobile screens that offer instant flexible space solutions for the institute’s breadth of programming. The ceiling serves as both storage for sound and lighting equipment as well as an instant space divider that lowers through translucent scrims to divide the room as needed. The interior east wall features a series of sliding polycarbonate panels flexibly separating work areas from public events, while the west wall’s panoramic landscape offers video projection. Extending from the storefront façade and into a mobile street seat will be a mirrored exterior screen that creates a layered threshold from the city into the institution’s space.

Construction on the installation is slated to begin this coming winter. The winning team is now tasked with further fine-tuning their design for implementation. The completed design will be on view for the public to experience when VAI re-launches its storefront next year.

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Images via Van Alen Institute