Just when things were looking up for the NY State Pavilion a new report says vandals ruined part of the 50-year-old terrazzo map. A motely crew reportedly broke into the historic park last weekend and set fire to a stolen van. Thankfully the van did not explode, but the resulting heat and flames set the tarp that covers the map on fire. Distraught supporters of the Pavilion also discovered parts of the 1964 World’s Fair relic that were even smashed in with cinderblocks.

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The Terrazzo Map is an original part of the Philip Johnson designed World’s Fair grounds in Flushing Meadows Park. It features a 567-panel terrazzo map of New York State situated underneath the site’s equally historic Tent of Tomorrow. It’s a sad thing to see this iconic site defaced, but it’s even more disheartening for all the volunteers who have been working hard to restore the site.

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John Piro, who co-founded the New York State Pavilion Paint Project to fix up the ailing icon back in 2009, shared some words with NY Daily News. “It was upsetting after all the work we have been doing. Why would somebody do that?”

This travesty comes as a shocking blow but luckily, the NY State Pavilion has been receiving a ground swell of support. Just last Tuesday the city set aside $5.8 million to help restore the fair grounds’ two towers and the Tent of Tomorrow. Volunteers who hope to move past the ordeal are now thinking of ways to safeguard the area from further damage.

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