NOTE: This post was originally published in January of 2014.

Not that we need photographic evidence to know that it’s frickin’ cold in New York (our close-to-shattering faces are proof enough), but, just for fun, here are some pics and a video of a partially frozen East River. As you can see, the waterway hasn’t solidified completely, so if you find yourself in a Dark Knight Rises death by exile-type situation, definitely bring a life jacket. Hit the jump to see a video of the icy river taken from aboard the East River Ferry.

See important updates below.

While New Yorkers seem to be marveling at the sight of ice on the East River, the fractured floes we’re seeing currently are nothing compared to what was happening in the 1800s when, apparently, the river froze solid. According to Gothamist, it was so cold at the time that people were using the river as an “ice bridge” to cross from Manhattan to Brooklyn. “Some adventurous person built a temporary tavern on the ice on the North River, midway between New York and Hoboken, and dispensed eatables and drinkables to travelers between the two states,” they also cite from an 1821 New York Times report. Whaaaaaaat?

For now, we haven’t reached those levels of cold, and the East River is liquid enough that ferries are running smoothly (see note below). Have you snapped any interesting photos of the river in its icy state? Share the links below or send them to editor [at] Stay warm everyone!

UPDATE: As of 1:52PM on 1/24/14, the East River Ferry tweeted that all service has been suspended due to too much ice surrounding docks. Follow them on Twitter here to check for the latest updates.