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The Village Green is an eco-luxury building in the heart of the East Village. The façade is lined with floor-to-ceiling double-insulated windows, which flood each unit with natural light while reducing noise pollution from the city streets outside. The building is outfitted with wind generators, offsetting 5,723 pounds of carbon dioxide per year by producing clean energy. Geothermal energy heats and cools the spacious lobby, which can double as a meeting area.

Residents of Village Green can experience the benefits of sustainable living. Each unit uses FSC-certified solid white oak floors, no/low-Freon refrigerators and air conditioners and no-VOC paint. A sophisticated in-house recycling program makes it easy for residents to reduce their waste. Green transportation is encouraged with a free in-building bike storage and discount parking for hybrid vehicles.

Like any good LEED building, the Village Green is capped with a green roof for rainwater recovery, insulation, and of course a place for residents to enjoy the view of Manhattan.

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