Commuting from Queens to Brooklyn has long been a source of frustration for NYC straphangers, oftentimes requiring at least one subway or bus transfer. With the booming development of both boroughs in mind, an advisory committee for the city is looking into connecting the dots with a potential new streetcar or light rail system. Led by HR&A Advisors, the group has begun researching the viability and benefits of a line along the waterfront that would span from Astoria, Queens to the far reaches of Red Hook in Brooklyn.

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Getting to “another” part of Brooklyn, or further north into Queens, can be a groan-worthy trek for many New Yorkers, and traversing through Manhattan is often the only option. In light of the recent population boom in thriving neighborhoods across both boroughs, the need for a new form of transportation connecting the two ares is becoming evident.

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For now, the committee, which includes some of the city’s biggest developers, is conducting in-depth research. HR&A Advisors will study the economic impacts of a streetcar connecting these neighborhoods in relation to overhead costs, and will also focus on a neighborhood study of growing housing and commercial markets like Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn, Long Island City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Via Capital New York

Images of Red Hook trolley cars ©Matt Kane