Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the new “We Are Made in NY” campaign to help local tech startups thrive in the city. The plan will bring resources to the fingertips of entrepreneurs and startup companies, helping to foster the local economy. The multi-platform initiative is part of the mayor’s plan to put New York on the map in the tech world and keep money circulating between local talent.

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Bloomberg announced the initiative along with Media and Entertainment Commissioner Katherine Oliver and Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot, explaining how it will draw new startups to New York City. The first part of the plan is to create transparency for employment opportunities within the existing 900 startups that are established in New York. By listing these openings, local talent can have better access to one of the 3,000 available jobs, and the hope is that the city’s unemployment rates will go down.

We Are Made in NY will help to pave the way for the city’s economic future, by instilling a strong alliance of tech startup companies. With the program, these startups will receive more support and assistance from local government than if they established themselves in other cities. To help promote the program, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment will celebrate each local member with “Made In NY” logos as a way to help the public recognize the programs created locally.

The campaign will set a foundation for new tech companies to start up and grow themselves in a city full of opportunity, like New York.

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