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Person is used to making controversial moves in the art-world, when he created a post-apocalyptic shelter experiment – the Resource Exhaustion Crisis Evacuation Safety Shelter – complete with a sculpture of a shotgun. And now embarking on this TaxCut series made from destroy money is sure to cause a stir, especially considering that Person contextualizes the work as taking money “out of the IRS coffers.” He writes on his website, “Imaging the weaponry that I’m not buying with those dollars is a reminder for me that a little creativity can be quite empowering.”

But his work looks brilliant: Each piece of layered currency pops out from the wall so realistically it’s hard to believe the collages are simply layers of money. Opening on April 19 at NYC’s Joshua Liner Gallery you can see Person’s most recent piece as part of a group exhibition.

+ Chad Person

+ Joshua Liner Gallery

Images courtesy of Chad Person