There’s a reason that NYC subways have that oh-so-distinctive “eau de toilet” scent. Sometimes finding an open bathroom in the city without having to make a purchase can be close to impossible. But Stefan George thinks he has a solution that will be a win-win for both bladder-strained New Yorkers and local establishments looking to drum up business. Called WeeWeeFree, Stefan’s site is a directory of free and open public bathrooms around the city, but it’s a drop different from other similar services.

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WeeWeeFree will allow businesses to list their toilets free of charge and allow users of the site to more easily seek out their restrooms. Shops and restaurants that participate won’t need to have these bathrooms open to the public all day, but rather just at times when business is slow. The idea is that the businesses may be able to profit from the extra foot traffic as people voluntarily buy items and food after they’ve relieved themselves.

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So far WeeWeeFree lists a handful of open bathrooms in the Financial District and a few other locations in southern Manhattan. In the future George hopes to have many more businesses post their own open restroom hours. WeeWeeFree isn’t the only public bathroom listing service around—there’s also SitOrSquat, and iPee Address—but it is the only restroom finder so far that includes walking directions.

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