If you’re a fan of the Roosevelt Island Tram, imagine how cool it would be if those amazing panoramic views of Manhattan actually became part of your daily commute from Queens to Manhattan. WXY Architecture + Urban Design‘s Claire Weisz recently brought the possibility up in a bold submission for the Forum for Urban Design’s Next New York, a collection of 46 visionary ideas submitted by the city’s top planners and designers that will be forwarded to the new mayor. The thought experiment extends the tram both ways – out to Queens and into Central Park – and re-imagines the touristy ride as a viable mode of daily transport.

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If you’ve ever been on NYC’s four-minute Roosevelt Island tram ride, it was likely one of those rare times you wished public transportation lasted longer. Currently, the tram runs between the island and the Upper East Side. To create better connectivity across the boroughs, Claire Weisz and her colleagues Mark Yoes and Jacob Dugopolski proposed extending the tram in both directions, connecting Central Park with Long Island City’s Queens Plaza.

Commuters interviewed by NY Daily News expressed interest and skepticism towards the idea, saying that the small tram cars, which are already crowded during rush hour, would not be able to withstand the addition of more stops. Even if the proposal never sees fruition, Next New York hopes that ideas such as this one will help ignite public dialogue about the different ways to make the city more sustainable and livable.

In addition to a tram extension, Weisz and her colleagues’ proposal also included an expansion of the East River Ferry fleet and greater investment in bridge and greenway infrastructure.

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