A new initiative is hoping to school New Yorkers on how to share the concrete jungle with the city’s abundant and fast-growing native wildlife population. According to the Daily News, the recently-launched Wildlife NYC campaign, which was sparked by the city’s burgeoning deer and coyote populations, urges people to treat all New Yorkers with respect – including those with wings, hooves and tails.

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People often forget that despite the city’s massive urban growth, the Big Apple is still considered a prime wildlife habitat. In fact, over 600 different species such as hawks, coyotes, and deer call NYC home. The Wildlife NYC campaign is centered around educating residents about these local populations, advising them to remain calm in the case of an unexpected animal sighting, and to treat their furry or winged neighbors with respect – from afar.

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“It’s important to understand your neighbors — even the feathered and furry ones,” said city Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver. “WildlifeNYC gives us a collaborative framework work to educate New Yorkers about living safely alongside wildlife, and humane approaches to address wildlife impacts on our communities.”

To reach the masses, the multi-agency campaign will be visible in all five boroughs thanks to posters, billboards, and banners featuring an image of a deer on a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, along with the message, “City dwellers take many forms.” Additionally, the campaign will schedule several events throughout the city including educational programs, tree plantings, tree care workshops, and park beautification projects.

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Via NY Daily News