What’s better than a “bike-in” movie night? Why, a “bike-in” movie night featuring one of the most epic bicycle scenes ever, of course! Citi Bike has announced that it will be celebrating its recent addition of 15 new stations in Williamsburg by showing the most obvious of all possible bicycle-related movie selections: “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” The event will take place on Tuesday, August 25 at the Brooklyn Flea’s space on Kent Avenue, and will kick off with a 90-minute class on biking in the city from nonprofit Bike New York.

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Citi Bike installed seven new stations in Willy B this Monday, including near McCarren Park on North 12th Street and Bedford Avenue, as well as on Leonard and Bayard streets, with another new station on Berry and North Eighth streets. On Tuesday, the company added eight more stations, including on Kent Avenue and North Seventh Street, and Union Avenue and Jackson Street. The second phase of the Williamsburg expansion of the bike-sharing program calls for a total of 33 new stations. Hosting a bike-in movie night seems like an appropriate way to celebrate the addition of so many new cycles to the neighborhood, especially when the chosen film has such an iconic bike scene – you know the one.

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The bike-in movie night is a free event for everyone and the evening will kick off at 6PM. Existing Citi Bike members and those who sign up on the spot will get VIP seating and some “special treats” according to the bike share company. The event will be held at the Brooklyn Flea space, located on Kent Avenue, between North 11th and North 12th streets. There’s no word on whether bike-in movies will become a thing, but with all the new two-wheelers available in the neighborhood, it could happen. Stranger things have – you know, like a little boy helping an alien call his home planet using a device MacGyvered together from a Speak & Spell and an old coffee can.

Via AM New York

Images via Citi Bike and Wikipedia