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Grand Central Station will be celebrating its 100 years throughout 2013 with a series of events, art commissions, exhibitions, presentations and performances. A celebratory Moleskine sketchbook will appear alongside these on-site projects, and include a bevy of historic material from the Transit Museum’s archives, as well as the twenty winning drawings and sketches from the competition. The material will then be bound in a classic leather Moleskine black notebook.

Entrants were asked to create works that either re-imagine the iconic station, or capture the spirit of the bustling transportation hub. The winners were chosen on their ability to convey the historic legacy, architectural importance, or thriving vibe of the terminal.

The winning entries were picked by a jury of architecture experts, who chose just twenty of the 109 entrants. A mix of hand drawn sketches, charcoal drawings, watercolors, photo collages and computer renders were chosen, giving the beautiful building an appropriate tribute in many mediums.

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