Bough Bike, Brooklyn, Dutch, wooden electric bike

The Bough Bike was designed by Jan Gunneweg and Piet Brandjes and is constructed with oak wood that is sourced from sustainably-managed forests in the Jura section of eastern France. The bike is extra durable with stainless steel hardware components, Schwalbe tires, a 2-speed SRAM automatic shifter, a coaster break and a manual front break. The bike has even passed the TÜV Rheinland endurance test. The electric bikes feature a 225 watt front wheel motor that allows them (on flat ground) to reach a top speed of 15 mph with a range of 30 miles. The charging time is three hours at 80 percent and six hours for 100 percent.

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The non-electric versions of the bike retail at $1,999 and the electric versions sell for around $3,427. They are available in both open- and solid-frame models. Weighing in at around 20 kg (44 pounds), they are also available with 26-inch wheels or 28-inch wheels.

“I have a real passion for wood and want to bring people closer to nature,” says Gunneweg. He also wants to get more New Yorkers on bicycles. After all, he comes from the top country in the world for cyclists, where 84 percent of Dutch citizens use a bike daily.

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Photos: Timothy Smith