New York City is notorious for its exorbitant cost of living, but could it be so bad that rent for a literal wooden box goes for over a grand per month? Although now defunct, this listing on Airbnb was asking $1,367 a month to sleep in a sauna-sized wooden box in a parking lot on the Lower East Side. Called a “cabin caravan”, the wooden box has almost no amenities, bathroom, shower or running water of any kind, but does boast “24 hour security”.

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Image via Valley Wag

Inside the free-standing wooden box, renters can enjoy the comfort of a desk and full-sized bedwith provided linens and blankets. A skylight and lamp keep the cabin illuminated and although there is no running water, a kettle can make tea or coffee, provided you bring in bottled water of course. The box’s owner even describes a “view of a tree outside the door.”

But lest we forget here, the box is located in a 24-hour parking lot, which means cars will be moved, parked and driven around the wooden box at all times of the day and night. The laundry list of amenities that Airbnb users can check off is instead full of red circles, as the box cabin ranks in none of the suggested features.

In order to shower or use the bathroom, the box’s owner suggests getting  a trial membership at a gym down the street, and one can only hope that shower visits coincide with when nature calls.

Via Curbed and Valley Wag