Although living with roommates is certainly not a groundbreaking concept in the Big Apple, a new community sharing model is looking to make some waves in the glutted NYC rental market. Thanks to a company called Common Living, aspiring NYC residents can now live in a cozy Brooklyn apartment for the relatively low cost of just $1,800 a month. The only catch? You have to share the space with 17 other people.

Common Living Pacific Street

According to its website, Common Living provides “flexible, user-friendly” housing, and has recently opened its first fully furnished property at 1162 Pacific St. The Crown Heights residence is “community-driven,” meaning that residents will be able to live in an upscale dorm-like apartment with a private bedroom, but will share common amenities such as a community living and dining room, a private rooftop garden, weekly cleaning services, and high-speed Wi-Fi. The monthly rent also includes housekeeping and all utilities.

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According to the Common Living team, the idea behind their new “community-driven” model is to “incubate a strong, tight-knit community of members” who share living space, kitchens and bathrooms. With 18 roommates, one can assume that they definitely got the tight-knit part right, but only time will tell if the model with catch on.

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