Internet giant Yahoo! recently announced plans to expand its energy-efficient data and customer care center in Lockport, New York later this year. The expansion will use low-cost hydropower from the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Plant to decrease energy consumption and keep servers cool 98 percent of the year. An added plus to the plan is the 115 new jobs Yahoo! expects to create in the local area across the engineering, technology, and customer care fields.

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“Yahoo! is committed to being an environmentally responsible company, and we thank New York state and local authorities for working with us to ensure we continue to power our data center with clean energy,”  said David Dibble, executive vice president of central technology for Yahoo!.

The new data center will utilize the Yahoo!’s Compute Coop architecture, also known as Y!CC, which is a world-class, energy-efficient data center design that can be built fairly quickly, for lower costs with lower environmental impact. The design calls for less energy use and water compared to conventional data centers and primary attributes also include: 100 percent free air cooling, a slab concrete floor, use of wind power that augments air handling units, and pre-engineered building for construction speed.

As reported by Yahoo! Finance, companies like Google, Apple, and other cloud computing providers are all trying to use renewable energy to power their data centers, helping to contribute to reductions in global warming, cut energy costs and comply with regulations.

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