Lovers (and wannabe lovers) from around the world will have a new public art piece to admire this Valentine’s Day in Times Square thanks to Young Projects. The Brooklyn-based design firm recently won the Times Square Alliance and Van Alen Institute‘s annual sculpture design competition with “Match-Maker”, an interactive structure that allows viewers to peer through a series of interwoven, zodiac-based periscopes to get a glimpse of their four most ideal astrological mates. The Valentine’s Day-themed installation will debut on February 10th at Father Duffy Square.

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The Times Square Alliance‘s sixth annual Valentine Heart Design competition invited designers and architects to submit their most creative, love-themed proposals. The winning design by Young Projects was a collaboration with fabricator Kammetal to create a giant heart-shaped sculpture that was inspired by the zodiac.

Visitors will be able to arrange themselves around the twelve points of the sculpture in conjunction with their astrological signs. Through a set of periscopes, each visitor will then be able to view their four most ideal astrological mates, positioned around the sculpture. The matches may then meet, or leave quietly with their current lovers.

The sculpture will also appear in different shapes from different vantage points throughout Times Square.  From some angles, “Match-Maker” will appear as a red, symmetrical heart, and as a tangled and chaotic mass of pipes from others, making it a perfect allegory of love itself.

+ Times Square Alliance

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