A team of architecture students have put their creative skills to practice to design this waste management solution for a Costa Rican community. Winning the New York Institutute of Technology’s (NYIT) design competition for their elegant work, Team Poroso will soon be on their way to Nosara – the small Pacific community where the group’s idea will be realized – to further refine their design to meet the needs of the people.

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Drawing inspiration from the local, tropical architecture of the region, the group’s design re-imagines traditional characteristics, such as natural lighting and high ceilings, and uses traditional local materials to create a modern space.

Selected by a jury of NYIT professors, the project is part of an ongoing student-led architecture build (sLAB) initiative at the institute’s School of Architecture and Design. The program also involves the community service organizations of ‘Freedom by Design’ and ‘Engineers Without Borders‘.

+ New York Institute of Technology