Spotted at the London Design Festivalearlier this week, this awesome bike really blew us away when we found out it was made entirely of nylon but is as strong as steel! Launched this year by a team of development engineers, the bike is made up of successive layers of fused nylon powder that are each just one-tenth of a millimeter thick. Designed by Andy Hawkins and Chris Turner at the Aerospace Innovation Centre in Bristol, UK, the bike is constructed from a manufacturing process known as additive layer manufacturing (ALM), which is also used in the manufacturing of satellites.

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Demonstrating how the same technology used for satellite and aircraft parts could be used also for everyday products, Hawkins and Turner chose everbody’s favorite eco-friendly form of transport: the bicycle. The prototype also looks pretty extraordinary, as the design focused on the process of construction as opposed to a totally practical design. But a more regular prototype is on the cards, so watch this space!

Via BikeRadar

+ Aerospace Innovation Centre +The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company