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Designed for a very wealthy client, the glass structure is encapsulated with a circular cut-out skin. Resembling port holes, the heavy concrete façade filters light into the glass interior, while also reflecting the lake, mountains and greenery of the site. The outside skin creates privacy for the interior, while also blocking the sun’s rays and reducing solar heat gain. In the winter, it helps hold in hot air, keeping the interior nice and toasty.

The lake side of the home is lined with round glass bricks and full-wall glass windows, which fill the interior with light, while blurring the lines between inside and out. Exterior terraces also reach out to the mountain sight lines. The opposite side is more solid, joining the cut-out double skin. It faces a large parking area surrounded by lushly planted flowers and trees, a stark contrast to the openness of the lakeside.

The true wealth of the client is highlighted in the basement level parking garage. Naturally lit by a large oculus, it is home to the owners several Ferraris. The lower level, which is also built into a gently sloping hill, houses a large fitness area and in-ground pool, which extends from inside to outside.

The interior of the home is minimal and pays homage to the natural views outside, with white wood flooring and walls to enhance the views. The only extravagant decorative elements are the Aurachandeliers, which hang in the entrance foyer. With the light that filters in through the double skin, the chandeliers cast changing shadows that reach throughout the blank canvas of the entire house, changing its mood and character.

The O-House by Philippe Stuebi could possibly be the most luxurious double-skinned home!

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Images ©Dominique Marc Wehrli