We’ve covered a lot of fusion tree houses: treehouse meets Jetsons; treehouse meets Modernism; treehouse meets biology experiment. Today, we’ve been introduced to a new pairing from O2 Sustainability: treehouse meets Buckminster Fuller.

Much like the classic treehouse, Bucky’s geodesic dome recalls childhood construction toys and youthful visions of rebuilding the world in a geometric, utopian image. Since both treehouses and geodesic domes smack of idealism and youthful fun – you know that the two were meant to come together at some point or another. It seems only fitting then that O2’s Sustainability Treehouse brings Bucky’s legacy into a living tree to create a high-flying eco-friendly structure.

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Designer Dustin Fieder took inspiration from the simple Japanese paper lantern, and from what we can tell from the photos, it glows just like one when illuminated at night. This seems like a great place for kids (and adults) to play. Sure beats the ramshackle plywood nailed-into-trunk treehouse of my youth! This treehouse would make the Ewoks proud.

The 02 Sustainability Treehouse is a translucent geodesic sphere, suspended using a steel cable support system. The treehouse is built with 100% sustainable materials (your choice of recycled soda bottles or 3Form Ecoresin) and uses no nails or bolts, so it does not restrict or harm the tree. The design can accommodate any tree: single trunk, multi trunk, or even several trees.

02 Sustainability offers design and installations services or can be ordered as a self-installing kit. The tree house design supports sustainable ideas through both form and function: allowing one to experience nature as the birds do in an upper canopy tree haven.

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