Treehouse design and construction company O2 Treehouse is expanding to include large-scale hospitality. The Oakland-based firm is already well-known for its custom, modular treehouses and has raised more than $180,000 (at the time of writing) from hundreds of investors for the new franchise, called Treewalkers, through StartEngine.

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rendering of tent-like treehouses in a meadow

Treewalkers will become a worldwide network of rentable treehouses, enabling investors to provide any number of treehouses for rent from just one single unit to entire treehouse villages. “Our state-of-the-art technology and modular design offer investors a low-risk opportunity with a great return on investment,” said Dustin Feider, founder of O2 Treehouse. “We provide everything for the nature host to have beautiful glamping treehouses, designed for the modern ecotourist.”

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rendering of tent-like treehouse in a forest
rendering of picnic table near base of a treehouse

Feider has created a one-size-fits-all design called Tetratuss that can be modified based on the location to provide lower costs and an elevated platform technology that helps expand a tree’s real estate. Treewalkers will use the O2 Treehouse design methodology to allow guests the opportunity to make a unique connection to nature. The company has 85 custom-designed modular structures under its belt already.

treehouse interior with large bed and wood table
treehouse interior with large bed and built-in wood bench

While luxury treehouses offer an excellent way to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, owning one isn’t practical or economical for the average person. What’s more, the eco-tourism industry is on the rise, valued at $265 billion worldwide in 2018 and projected to grow 14% each year, according to O2 Treehouse. The proposed local host rental company (think of it like an Airbnb for the eco-tourism industry) will address all of that. Those who want to experience the treehouse life temporarily will have an organized rental service dedicated solely to treehouses, while potential franchisees looking for a unique investment opportunity will have the experience and expertise of O2 Treehouse to back them up.

rendering of modular, geometric treehouse with wood decks
rendering of geometric wood treehouse with green roofs

The company plans to start with five to 15 locations using Airbnb as a renting platform before eventually releasing its own O2 Treehouse platform for exclusive access to more than 20 locations. Long-term, O2 Treehouse has plans to also create corporate-owned, sustainable, residential housing developments.

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