Wouldn’t it be nice if clean, filtered water was available everywhere? OASIS International and Philips Lighting are partnering together to make this dream a reality, one water cooler at a time. Philips’ newest innovation, the InstantTrust UV water disinfection system, cleans drinking water instantly on small and large scales and will be implemented in almost all OASIS water dispensing products soon.

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Known for their energy efficient lighting designs, Philips is bringing UV technology to the water world. This particular innovation can instantly disinfect water regardless of temperature, producing clean hot and cold aqua in a snap. Designed to infiltrate the point-of-use water systems around the world, including office and school water coolers, taps, drinking fountains, and portable systems, the InstantTrust’s compact design can fit just about anywhere.

While public and home water systems are the first step, OASIS and Philips plan to use this technology on an enormous scale, cleaning millions of gallons of water at a time, worldwide.

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