President Obama photo from Shutterstock

Critics say that the Obama Administration hasn’t done enough to fight climate change, but a new campaign launched by Organizing for Action – the group behind both of Obama’s presidential campaigns – suggests otherwise. OFA sent out an email to supporters this week with a video that pokes fun at leading Republican figures who have publicly denounced climate change as a hoax, The Guardian reports. This new grassroots push aims to call out congressional leaders who have blocked efforts to implement widespread reforms that combat climate change.

No fewer than 240 Republican leaders have denounced climate change as a hoax, according to the video. And many of them, including Florida senator Marc Rubio and House Speaker John Boehner, have spread alternative explanations for Hurricane Sandy, drought and other consequences of our warming planet, that are not even remotely based on prevailing science.

Since 2011, according to the video, Congressional leaders have blocked 24 hearings aimed at discussing climate change, which Obama said would be a priority for his second presidential term. Other grassroots groups such as have urged the President to block the Keystone XL pipeline, but analysts see the OFA launch as an unprecedented mainstreaming of climate politics in the United States.

“What is interesting to me is that it shows that climate is finally becoming a first tier political issue,” Paul Bledsoe, President Clinton’s climate advisor, told The Guardian. “Every other issue in the first tier always has this kind of grassroots activism behind it, whether it’s the health care bill or immigration.”

Via The Guardian