Yesterday President Obama gave a Labor Day speech to citizens gathered at the Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that outlined his plan to create more jobs in America while strengthening the green economy. As the country’s unemployment rate hovers around nine percent, the President detailed his ideas for keeping that figure down and ensuring it stays down in the future. He noted government tax incentives for green energy companies, American-made efficient cars, the new American smart grid, and a new plan to install and maintain 4,000 miles of railway across the country.

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The President’s speech focused on creating new industry in the United States that will not only provide jobs in the short term, but will supply jobs far into the future. He alluded to investments earlier in the year in the auto industry and their push to make more efficient vehicles on American soil, and to the smart grid that he announced and started to build this year. In an effort to bring all of America’s technology up to the 21st century, Obama unveiled his plan to update our transportation system in order to eliminate waste, reduce greenhouse gasses and increase efficiency.

We’re going to continue our strategy to build a national high-speed rail network that reduces congestion and travel times and reduces harmful emissions,” the President told the crowd. He went on to note — a very important point in this heated election season — that this new transportation plan will be fully paid for. Adding to his transportation plan he reinforced something he’s been saying all year: “we want to invest in growth industries like clean energy and manufacturing.” He noted that his dream isn’t just that we should use green technology but that we should build it. “I don’t want to see solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars made in China. I want them made right here in the United States of America.” We’re excited to see those 4,000 miles of efficient railways added to our home-grown solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars.

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