Obama hopped on a plane this morning fresh from his State of the Union Address last night — where he promised a future full of American innovation in the green technology field — to highlight companies that he believes are on the right renewable track. Today he’ll be visiting employees in Wisconsin at Orion Energy Systems, a energy efficiency and renewable energy technology company, and Tower Tech Systems, a wind turbine manufacturer. He’ll be talking specifically about current tax incentives for renewable energy research and loans available for small businesses to expand and hire. As Robert Gibbs said this morning, the President is confident that his address last night set us off on the right foot. “I think fundamentally it tells the story of our future and the challenges that a global economy gives us,” Gibbs noted. He went on to say it’s important “to remind ourselves that America has for 200 years risen to any number of global challenges.” Clean energy and transportation are our new global challenge and Obama thinks we can meet them.

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