Barack Obama has something in common with George Washington, besides his occupation. Our president has been brewing his own in-house organic beer, which he has dubbed White House Honey Ale. The ale is even flavored with White House-raised honey from Michelle Obama’s beehive. We have to applaud the Pres for embracing sustainably made, home-brewed beer! If you’re reading Obama, we’d love some samples.

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The Obamas purchased a home brew kit (not on the White House’s dime) and have been brewing their own ale for the last few months. Using local ingredients from his own garden, Obama imbibes his own honey brew, and also serves it up to his guests. When recent Medal of Honor winner Sergeant Dakota Meyer was honored just a little while ago and treated to a visit to the White House, his one request was to have a beer with Obama, who has been known to partake in a brew during business meetings. The two men shared a laugh over two cold pints of Obama’s home brewed White House Honey Ale.

Home brewing kits are a fun way to try your hand at customizing the flavors of ales, lagers and stouts. And while you’re tasting the satisfaction of the fruits of your labors, you may not also realize that home brewing is an act of environmentalism. Making your own beerreduces greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and saves energy on recycling as you reuse your own bottles, and reduce transportation costs and emissions.

Although Obama is the first to serve homebrews from the WH, another president had a hand in making beer at home. Previous to Jimmy Carter’s presidency, home brewing was illegal. During his term, he signed a bill legalizing it (way to go Jimmy). If you need another excuse to drink a good beer, there are many kits available for home brewing, or if you don’t have the DIY knack, there are plenty of green beers on the market for purchase.

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Images ©White House and Wikimedia Commons