Inhabitat recently reported on 19-year-old Boyan Slat’s proposed Ocean Cleanup Array, which the designer believes could potentially remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic from the world’s oceans. The project received a huge amount of media coverage, although scientists and professional ocean activists question the feasibility of the design. Now Slat has turned to crowd-funding website Indiegogo seeking to raise $80,000 for a feasibility study. In the young inventor’s own words, “I don’t know if it’s possible, and that’s exactly the reason I’m doing it.”

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Slat’s study would draw upon a team of students, engineers, oceanographers and industry experts to investigate whether his proposed Ocean Cleanup Array would be capable of removing vast amounts of plastic from the oceans.

Slat’s floating array is designed to capture plastic as it circulates through ocean gyres. Slat’s Indiegogo campaign is offering gifts based upon donations – for example, if you donate a $1, you receive a thank you and a digital summary of the study. However those that donate $500 or more will get a social media shout out and their name featured on the pilot vessel.

If you wondering what the $80,000 will go towards, Slat states that it will cover all estimated costs to scientifically prove the concept’s feasibility.”Our research includes 35 research topics in the fields of engineering, oceanography, (geo)physics, ecology, finance, maritime law and recycling.” In addition to pursuing a research budget, Slat adds that “by finishing this all-important study, we can continue with an open ocean pilot, followed by the actual full-scale execution of The Ocean Cleanup.”

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