How gorgeous are these Seaglass Plates from Riverside Design Group? This evocative collection of dinnerware has been around for some time but given that wedding season is currently upon us, we thought we would suggest them as an alternative to more staid registry items.

Handcrafted entirely from post-industrial glass, the plates come in a wide range of colors and shapes. That would be 9 shapes to be exact, each very fluid and organic looking. All feature the same wonderful matte finish. You are encouraged to mix and match colors and shapes to create a surprising and eclectic table.

$98-149 for a set of 4

If the handcrafting and recycled materials of the Seaglass collection weren’t already pulling on your ethical consumer heart strings, check out Riverside’s Plates with Purpose line. The Pittsburgh based company distributes 15% of the proceeds of each sale to local non-profits like the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, an AIDS Task Force, a hospice, and an Alzheimer’s Association.

The design of each piece is inspired by the mission of each non-profit. Each plate in the series makes a simple, charming statement – wheat to represent the food bank, a butterfly for the hospice, etc.

All Riverside Design Group’s plates are microwave and dishwasher safe.