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The verdant dirigibles would target areas where the heat island effect is greatest, and could be programmed to travel to southern cities during winter months vice versa. Each plant would have sensors capable of gauging the weather, traffic, pollution, noise levels and other urban data in real time. The plants would also have their own “individual propelled devices”, allowing them to detach from the mother ship and move independently. Using GPS and GIS to coordinate their flocking patterns, swarms of the loose plants could motor around the city providing shade, purifying air and adding greenery to urban spaces in need.

So what would power these alien-esque gardens? Each pod would also be equipped with its own photovoltaic skin, that would gather solar power for charging. At night, individual plants can return to home base for refueling and watering. While cleaning the air and mitigating the heat island effect would be the floating gardens’ primary purpose, they would also be able to perform cool secondary functions like advertising through three-dimensional sky-writing!

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