Living in a box usually has a negative connotation, but it can be downright pleasurable if that box is The Room by ODA Architects. Designed by the same firm that brought you this cubist creation and this boxy Eliot Spitzer-developed waterfront complex, the modular dwelling system shows that it can definitely be hip to be square.

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The Room is a customizable solution that is meant to be retrofitted into an existing space to define three key living areas and increase functionality. It would be particularly useful in a studio apartment (ahem, New Yorkers), since the modules can also double as dividers. Each of the elements can also be moved around as needed in different scenarios to create more privacy or allow for more social interaction.

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There are three elements in the Room: the Pod, which encapsulates the bed; the media Station, which houses the TV and can be used to wall off the Pod for more privacy; and the Satellite, which comprises the desk and a storage tower. Though the white and dark wood and blue and yellow versions are seen here, ODA says that each of the modules can be changed to reflect the inhabitant’s taste. The component sizes can also be adjusted as needed.

With all of this functionality, you might think that the Room will cost you an arm and a leg but ODA says that it is “made affordable by using simple materials and construction methods.”