Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces is a beautiful four-piece furniture set made entirely out of re-purposed materials. Designed by Inhabitat favorite Jo Meesters, the spring-colored furniture was crafted using a variation of upholstering and weaving techniques and is an amazing transformation of 34 discarded wooden beams and 16 leftover blankets.

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Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces is a project from TESTLAB, which was established by Studio Joe Meesters for Dutch Design Week 2008. The experimental design studio explores the re-purposing of discarded materials, and hopes to bridge the gap between craftsmanship and mass production techniques.

Lucky for the rest of us sustainability is the main focus in all of Jo Meester’s work. Not only does he explore the value and purpose of this forgotten junk, his pieces have an aesthetic sophistication that is achieved through his careful craftsmanship and attention to details. This sensibility is obvious in the furniture he produces. Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces is definitely easy on the eyes, and looks as though it was plucked from some kind of citrus colored dream sequence.

TESTLAB is an exciting opportunity for designers like Jo to push our current understanding of these ideas. As for now – we sit back and admire the soft fruity refinement of Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces while we eagerly wait to see what they will come up with next.

+ Studio Jo Meesters

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