The Odyssey water bottle and flash light combo proves that two uses are better than one!  Designed by OKO, the combo device helps hikers and adventurers lighten their loads while illuminating their trek at the same time. The bottle also features a carbon filter that helps provide clean water on the go.

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A light load is essential to off-grid backpackers who want to move quickly and comfortably, which is what makes OKO’s Odyssey multi-use bottle so great. Equipped with a carbon water filter similar to that used by Brita, the water bottle safely removes chlorine, smells and other particulates. But then it goes a step further to remove bacteria and other harmful contaminants as well. This is potentially a life changing feature for backpackers who source water from wells or even streams along the trail. The bottle can also be used to tote around snacks, tools, first aid or other supplies.

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The Odyssey’s uses don’t end there though. Capped at the end of the water bottle is a reversible LED flashlight. Pointed out, it directs a strong beam to light the way when exploring. Turn the LED cap in, and the water bottle becomes a diffused lantern for use inside tents or camp areas. The bottle also has a hook at the end to attach it easily to a backpack, or to hang in your camp area. At just $50, the Odyssey is easily an essential camping component.

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