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Green Roofed Apartments, OFF Architecture, terraced apartments, green roof, logements anglet, anglet, france

The two kitty-corner lots have enough space for seven apartment blocks all oriented to the east and west to take advantage of solar exposure. Site 1 features two long buildings with a terraced profile and a central shared green belt in the middle. Covered in vegetation, then entire block appears to be a massive emerald space when seen from above. The terraced apartments also are covered in draped greenery and protruding balconies to camouflage the building in the urban environment.

Site 2 consists of a series of buildings on a slope that feature large balconies with shaded overhangs to help infiltrate light and views into the space. All of the buildings appear to have been designed and placed to minimize shade from the surrounding buildings. The lushness of the terraces and green roofs provides a stark contrast with the surrounding urban fabric and creates an oasis and space for relaxation.

Via eVolo