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The 2010 coastal architecture project for seaside facilities competition for the Sardinian coast asked for new structures and facilities for tourism and recreation in the area. Filippo Taidelli Architetto proposed a project for Liscia beach, which is on the north part of the island between the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura and Palau. The site held challenges in that the project needed to be self-sufficient and also integrate harmoniously into the landscape. The solution was to build modular, solar-powered shelters that could be moved as needed and even removed.

Each shelter is a cube held up on a sturdy pyramidal footing that sits in the sand. The modules can be placed in whatever configuration is deemed necessary. Louvered shades on the roof are integrated with PV panels and lightweight fabric shades can be attached to the sides to shelter the interior form the wind and the sun. Vertical axis wind turbines can also be connected to the off-grid system to add additional energy. The units are also designed for removal whenever necessary to minimize damage during especially stormy or unseasonable times. Storm surge or rising tides could possibly ruin a few units, but the modular nature ensures that they could be repaired or replaced without having to rebuild the entire project.

In 2011, Filippo Taidelli Architetto built a full scale model to test its potential and effectiveness. The unit was displayed at the Rimini International Exhibition of Outdoor SUN 2011 and shows just how useful the units could be for tourism or even personal use beyond the Sardinia region.

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