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A new report by The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has found that the European Union, from Portugal to Finland could source their all of their energy from floating wind turbines in the North Sea. Every dangerous nuclear plant and every dirty coal plant could be abandoned and every home, business and city could be fueled by clean, renewable energy. And not only could offshore wind farms fuel the entire EU, but they could power the EU four times over.

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A recent report from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) shows that by using 10 MW wind turbines—the kind that operate in deep water—the entire energy needs of the EU could be met by 2050. Although there isn’t a clear plan to accomplish that, the EWEA is proposing that the EU make investments in deep water turbines to help make up a larger portion of its power supply.

Deep water turbines have the potential to provide efficient wind energy, and new technologies are allowing turbines to be built in deeper waters with much larger capacities for energy production. And because the EU has such a vast amount of water around it, including the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic and North Seas, offshore wind farms are an attractive alternative to conventional power.

The report recommends that the EU invest in deep water wind power research and development in order to tap into the vast resources, but some within the EU are opposed to a collective solution. The UK, among others, would rather have the EU set green energy goals and allow each country to decide how to meet that goal on their own. Whatever is decided, the massive potential in off-shore wind technology could mean a new era of green power in the EU.

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