Despite the popularity of e-readers and computers, Americans still use about 71 million tons of paper per year — only 63 percent of which is ever recycled. So when a paper alternative comes along that is not only environmentally friendly but also stylish, we get excited. But what makes Ogami’s Repap even more interesting is that it isn’t made of cotton or hemp like most paper alternative; instead, it’s made from calcium carbonate, which is a byproduct of limestone.

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Repap — that’s “paper” spelled backwards — is made using calcium carbonate, which is recovered from stone quarries and waste from the building industry. The manufacturing process doesn’t require any petroleum, trees or water and the paper itself doesn’t contain acids or chlorine. And since the product is naturally white, no bleaching is necessary to get that familiar paper look.

Unlike paper, Repap is waterproof and can be erased cleanly for re-use. But if you do decide to toss it out, Repap doesn’t require a special recycling facility because it is photo-biodegradable in 14 to 18 months. Ogami sells two Repap collections; one is a brightly-colored “Quotes” collection and the other is a sleeker “Professional” collection, both of which include a variety of notebooks.

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