Schools and educational institutions use a lot of energy to power computers, lights, and other systems that are needed to support a large body of students. The Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the country, and as such, it has a sizable carbon footprint. In an effort to change this, the university recently teamed up with Mithun, Heapy Engineering and green building consultants Yudelson Associates to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan for a carbon neutral campus.

The Sustainability Plan is being developed alongside the university’s Climate Action Plan in an effort to make Ohio State a leader in sustainability among American’s educational facilities. It is hoped that carbon neutrality can be achieved through a host of strategies that minimize water and energy use.

Building on its success with Seattle University and Pacific Lutheran University, Mithun will focus their unique integrated approach to campus master planning on Ohio State University, integrating strategies that “mitigate impact and restore the important functions of a healthy ecosystem.”

“This project presented a great opportunity to create a national model for other major universities,” said Brodie Bain, Mithun Partner and Lead Campus Planner. “We anticipate that lessons learned here and practices adopted in the pursuit of climate neutrality to provide valuable information for colleges and universities across the nation seeking to address issues of climate change within the context of a core mission, multiple activities and complex organizational systems.”

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