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Located amidst the subalpine forests of Davos, the InterContinental Davos Hotel is an oval-shaped building wrapped in an envelope that reflects the magnificent natural surroundings. Inspired by pine cones, the architects decided to create a façade that would have similar overlapping elements. The design turned out to be a daunting task, however, that required tacking several complex structural issues.

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In order to optimize the design and make it buildable, OIKOS partnered with structural engineering firm Wilhelm+Partner, which specializes in extraordinary façade designs. The team decided to use steel instead of aluminum and developed a design for thelaser-cut primary and secondary ribs based on a square. The 3D curvature was achieved through the use of a supporting structure. Only 3mm-thick sheet steel plates with champagne-colored metallic coating cover the frame and form the visible surface of the facade.

More than 62,000 individual pieces were used to build the envelope and were managed by automated procedures and fabrication techniques. Although each of the spandrel panels is unique, they all have identical, square, steel rib construction that allowed for a more economical fabrication. They were manufactured in a plant in Plzeň in the Czech Republic and transported to Davos to be assembled on site. Despite the complexity of the design, the entire project took only two years to buid.


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