On the heels of a massive criminal indictment for BP, it looks like the trouble for the oil giant is far from over. The company is set to head out on the fifth day of a mission under the supervision the US Coast Guard this Thursday to determine whether or not there is still petroleum leaking from the Deepwater Horizon rig. This past September, an new oil sheen was spotted 50 miles off of the coast of Louisiana, and tests confirmed that it was from the infamous Macondo well. A BP underwater vehicle observed that oil was seeping from the containment dome, but declared the leaks fixed after a remote operation in October. However, oil has still been surfacing and has been documented by satellite and aerial photos near the site. It is thought that there still could be an unknown amount of oil remaining in the containment dome and wreckage from the 2010 blast.

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In light of the new leaks, BP has repeated its characteristic difficult and obstructive behavior. For several moths, Rep. Henry Waxman of California and  Rep. Ed Markey, of Massachusetts have been asking the company for underwater video and information about the new complications. BP refused to release any data citing pending legal investigations.

“Back in 2010, I said BP was either lying or incompetent. Well, it turns out they were both,” said Rep. Markey. “This is the same crime scene, and the American public today is entitled to the same information that BP was lying about in 2010 so that we can understand the full dimension of the additional environmental damage.”

As of now, BP says that it will work closely with the Coast Guard to take “any further steps, as needed, to address the results” of the latest reconnaissance mission and reasserts that the Macondo well and associated relief wells are all secure.

Via CBS News

Images via NASAMatanya and the US Coast Guard from Wikimedia Commons