Swiss company ÖKO has utilized NASA filtration technology to create a bottle that can turn sodas (or anything else) into water. Made from super-light materials, thewater bottle provides easy access to clean, clear, crisp water. Hit the jump to see the water filtration system in action!

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ÖKO’s water-filtering bottel comes in three sizes, six designer colors, and with three levels of filters, allowing for the exact type of filtration needed.The filters use ÖKO’s patent-pending Upstream Valve that prevents any backwashed fluid from flowing back into the “unfiltered” water area for re-filtration and to ensure that every sip is pure, fresh and clean. The ÖKO Level-1 filter is carbon based and is designed to effectively reduce present chlorine, taste and odor while providing crisp and clean tap water. The ÖKO Level-2 filtration was originally developed through a NASA grant for space stations and is described as “the state-of-the-art in water filtration technology”.

However the ÖKO Level-3 filter is designed and produced on a customized basis and in large volume only for treatment of known elements in a given body of water. In addition to level-2 filter system, the level-3 filter includes necessary media enhancements and/or additions to create a system appropriate for extreme environments.


Via Daily Mail