Old magazines can be hard to throw away, so it’s easy for stacks of them to pile high. Instead of discarding advertising agency Oktavilla’s growing collection of paper periodicals, Swedish architecture firm Elding Oscarson used them as inspiration. By stacking the old mags up in a colorful configuration, the firm created this incredible wallfor Oktavilla’s offices. We guess print is not dead after all!

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One can imagine how many magazines an advertising agency receives, stockpiles, and stores for future reference. Rather than storing the magazines in boxes or discarding pages and pages of paper, Elding Oscarson decided to recycle them for a good use.

To make the sturdy wall, the magazines were bound in small stacks to make “blocks.” The individual stacks were then organized by similar size and shape, and lined up to form a large picture window and double doorway. The stacks reach from floor to ceiling.

The colorful magazine spines create a textural, patterned wall that brightens up the entire workspace while also creating a conversation piece. The thick magazine walls also provide incredible soundproofing between offices and conference areas. And although the magazines are bound, they are still accessible if necessary.

+ Elding Oscarson

Via Apartment Therapy